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californication icons
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Welcome to californicons. An icon community for the TV show Californication.
Please take a moment to read the rules before joining.

- This community has an open membership and everyone, icon makers and non-icon makers, are welcome to join. You don't need approval to post. However, we won't hesitate to ban people if they can't follow a few simple rules.

- When posting more than 4 icons, please use a LJ-cut. Some people have slow connections, and it's a drag to load tons of icons.
- You can either post your icons directly to the community or link back to your own icon journal. If you are linking to a friends only post in another journal or community, the post you are linking to must stay public for at least a week. Otherwise the post in this community will be deleted.
- Do not disable comments from your posts.
- Wallpapers, headers and other graphics are fine, as long as they are in an icon post.
- If you want to discuss the show and its actors this is clearly the wrong place. For non-icon related discussion check out cafornicationtv.

- Do NOT steal someone's icons and pass them off as your own work. If you take someone's icons, comment and tell them.
- NEVER EVER hotlink someone's icons or graphics. It's not difficult to upload them to your own server or use free image hosting websites like ImageShack.

- Any icons that are spoilery or have questionable content must be put behind a cut with a warning. Icons are considered spoilers until three days after the episode airs.

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